Pacific Climate Change Finance Tracking Tool

Climate change funding to support developing countries tackle climate change has increased over the past years and is projected to increase dramatically in the future. At the national level, tracking climate finance is important to allow policy makers to plan more effectively on how to use climate finance, particularly in making decisions about funding allocations in line with national priorities, monitoring the effectiveness of initiatives, and to verify the support that is being provided by developed countries. Better financial data can also help decision makers identify gaps and improve coordination and management and plan for investments in sectors and areas of greater vulnerability. Furthermore, better climate finance information can also assist in determining effectiveness and facilitate learning and help countries draw lessons from the use of different financial instruments and develop strategies and policies aimed at expanding finance for climate change. At the International level, it enables a more complete and accurate picture of how much funding is going to countries for climate change activities. It would also contribute towards improving accountability and transparency in terms of the financial flows related to commitments made under the UNFCCC.
Country Projects Climate Change Finance
Solomon Islands 95 USD 124 milion
Vanuatu 77 USD 228 milion
Total 172 USD 351 milion
Implementing agencies: The Pacific Community (SPC) in partnership with Secretariat of the Pacific Environment Programme (SPREP) and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS). Further information is available at